150 Degree Attic Heat " The Silent Killer of Roof Shingles & A/C Units!"

With out the proper attic ventilation the temperatures become unbearable and creates a Broiler effect!!! Draining the life from the A/C unit and forcing hot air around the duct work connections with a end result of forcing the Hot Air into the Home! In addition the A/C never cools the home completely and practically never shuts off because the cool air is always chasing the Hot ceilings! Roof Shingles become dried out from underneath and the asphalt erodes away! Turning a 30 year Shingle into a 10 year shingle!!!

And eventually the roof Sheathing will warp due to the extreme pressure from the 150 degree Heat!

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Crawlspace Moisture & Mold Control

The major contributor to Asthma & Allergies starts in the Homes crawlspace! 

Standing water and moisture breeds many stagnant bacteria's!

The only way to prevent or stop the standing water and moisture/mold that grows on the floor joist is daily adequate air flow!

Commercial Hotel & Apartments

The monthly A/C utility cost of Hotels or Apartment complex's are very expensive and must be kept in control and the replacement cost of A/C units are not cheap either, along with the more costly materials such as roofing shingles! Replacing roofs can go into the many thousands and with out the proper ventilation it can reduce the life of the warrantied shingle by half or even more depending on the roof design! Along with most shingle manufacture warranties require power attic ventilation to validate the shingle warranty! 

            " Power Attic Ventilation saves Utilities & Roofs"     


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